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What Makes the Ragdoll Such a Unique Cat?

If you have been considering the purchase of a ragdoll cat or kitten you may have read about how unique they are as a cat breed. If you already own one you know of the loving companion that likes to follow you around the house and participate in your daily activities.

Not your ordinary cat

If you have owned a cat you know how independent they can be. Everything is on 'their' terms, and at times it almost seems like they own the house. You see them when they want you to, and they like it that way.

What makes the ragdoll special is the wonderful personality and character traits that it possesses. Routinely a ragdoll will follow you around and just enjoy watching what you are doing. They have an inquisitive and thoughtful personality that makes for a great companion.

Some people compare the personality of a ragdoll to that of a dog, and this is an accurate depiction. It may be the 'man's best friend' of the cat world with its social behavior and love of attention.

Talk to breeders and actual ragdoll owners if you are considering one as a pet to find out more about what makes the ragdoll cat one of a kind.