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How to Ragdoll Proof Your Home

Now that you are bringing your Ragdoll home you need to make sure that your home is safe for your new pet.

1. Electrical Cords and Outlets
- Hide them and/or cover them
- Coat them with something kitten won’t chew

2. Dryer
- Make sure cat not in it when you start your dryer

3. Hiding Places / Chest of Drawers
- Close after each use
- Kittens like to hide or nap in dark cozy places

Ragdoll kitten in a chest of drawers - fortunately we saw her and removed the drawer and got her a safer place to rest.

4. Strings and Small Objects
- Choking hazards
- Off floor and in safe place

5. Medications
- Keep out of reach

6. Plants
- Some are poison to your cat

7. Windows
- Are the screens tight?
- Keep secure

8. Toilet Lid
- Keep down to prevent drowning

9. Closets
- Look before closing

10. Watch where you step
- Your Ragdoll likes to follow and be around you so be careful

11. Toys
- Interactive toys are meant to be played together and anything with a string or rope can be a hazard

Now that all is safe you can look forward to many happy years together.