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Transition cats into a new home
04-13-2019, 07:45 AM
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RE: Transition cats into a new home
Hi all! So happy this forum is back up! I tried weekly to get on the past couple of months but this website kept showing up empty. I thought it was gone forever, it’s excellebt news it’s back as it’s valuable!!

As for our move! We’re moved in.

What happened: day of move we put Westin & Allie in their cat carriers and loaded them into the car. They hate the car and are anxious and howled the entire 1/2 hour drive to the new house. So when we got to the house we placed their cat carriers on the living room floor and left them in there a while, we stayed in the same room and made things normal like at our old home. Turned the tv on, the baby was crawling around etc. I got out their favorite toys and treats. Left them for about 20 minutes in their carriers to feel secure and watch us and look around. Opened their carriers. They both walked out right away and were walking around and slinking their bodies low to the floor walking cautiously. I fed them treats which they gobbled up then tried to play wand toys with them but they weren’t interested to play. They explored around and kept returning to us for pets. Westin laid on the floor beside my husband and seemed relaxed, Allie was slinking around sniffing everything. Showed them their food & litter regions. Allie went up her cat condo before long and took a nap and Westin followed us around, they both relaxed and seemed comfortable within about an hour. They slept in the bed and for about 2 days they cautiously explored around and found the stairs and learned to climb up & down the stairs pretty easily. In all it went much better and smoother than we expected! We thought they’d hide and be scared but that never happened at all! Going on 3 weeks in the new house now and they’re as if they’ve always been here! Perfectly adjusted.

Bye for now
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04-13-2019, 08:38 AM
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RE: Transition cats into a new home
That is great news. It sounds like you are all enjoying your new home.
Like you, I am so happy the forum is up and running. I missed you all.

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04-13-2019, 10:00 AM
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RE: Transition cats into a new home
Glad to hear that the move went well!

Please join us at the new forum:
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