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Frequently Asked Questions About Ragdolls

Why is it called a 'Ragdoll'?

The name comes from the fact that many ragdoll cats will go 'limp' when you pick them up, similar to what a doll feels like.

Where did the breed originate?

The ragdoll is a relatively new cat breed. It is generally accepted that the breed originated back in the 1960's by a woman named Ann Baker, located in Riverside California.

The reason for developing the breed has some wild claims attached to it, none of which can proved by science. We do know that the breed developed over time with the characteristic that the ragdoll is so well known for.

Is it true that the Ragdoll has a 'dog like' personality?

When most people think of cats, the word 'independent' comes to mind. The ragdoll is more of a social cat, often following its owner around craving more attention. The ragdoll is a loyal companion for sure!

What type of personality does a Ragdoll cat have?

ragdoll ready for a napWhen many people think of cats, they often characterize them as being highly independent in nature, and not very social.

The ragdoll cat does not fit this description at all, and is not your typical cat breed!

They usually have a very calm and easygoing personality. The agreeable ragdoll makes a great companion for someone looking to have a pet that is gentle, adaptable, and mellow. It is a very social creature, often following their owners around, enjoying the company that their owner has to offer.

How large can a Ragdoll cat get?

The ragdoll is listed with guinness records as the largest cat, with adult males ranging 12-20 pounds, and females averaging 10-15 pounds. They usually mature slowly into adulthood, taking sometimes a few years to reach full size and for the color markings to be complete.

Should the Ragdoll cat be kept indoors at all times?

We recommend that if you decide to get a ragdoll, that it should be an indoor pet. Ragdolls by nature, do not have the aggressive instincts to fight other animals, or the natural ability to defend themselves as well as other cat breeds.

Where is the best place to get a Ragdoll cat?

We recommend getting a ragdoll cat from a reputable breeder in your area. This will ensure you get a ragdoll that is healthy, properly documented, and often part of champion blood lines.

Are Ragdolls hypoallergenic?

This question has been asked many times, and the answer is a definite no. Ragdolls generally have a longer, thicker type of coat, which sometimes means more shedding, so they may cause more of an allergic reaction in some individuals, not less.

How well do Ragdolls get along with other animals?

Ragdolls by nature have a very easy going and friendly personality. Generally they do well with other animals, although each ragdoll will have it's own personality and may or may not socialize well with a specific type of animal. Cats in general seem to be more 'picky' about who they get along with, compared to dogs.


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