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About Ragdolls

General Information

The ragdoll cat is a large breed of cat, best known for its easygoing and mellow nature. They have long, thick fur coats and markings that resemble a siamese. There are four marking patterns: bi-color, van, mitted and pointed. They also usually come in six colors: seal, blue, chocolate, lilac, red, and cream. Points may be solid, lynx, or tortie.

The body is usually stocky with short legs, and large in size compared with other cat breeds. The ragdoll is listed with guiness records as the largest cat, with males ranging 12-20 pounds, and females averaging 10-15 pounds.

The ragdoll breed originated back in the 1960's by a woman named Ann Baker, located in Riverside California. They were bred over time, to have the great characteristics that they are known for today.

Caring for ragdolls is not very difficult. They do a pretty good job of cleaning themselves and their coat on a daily basis. You will want to make sure to brush them on a regular basis to avoid matting of the fur.

Ragdolls are a special breed, and you should expect to pay a fair amount of money to get one. Prices of $400 or more are very common, especially from a reputable breeder that has kittens from champion bloodlines.


Is a ragdoll cat right for you?

Possibly the most loving and agreeable cat available, the ragdoll would be an excellent choice as a pet. Please browse this entire Web site, look at some photos in the gallery, view the faqs which answer other questions, and read the care guide to get more information about taking care of one. You can also view the ragdoll forum to chat about ragdoll cats!